Downtime Rules - Using Magic or Influence

Magic capital can be used to:

Manufacture scrolls, potions or magic items

+1 circumstance bonus to crafting magic items (Max +3) – also applies to normal crafting rolls – 1 extra day of downtime

Give a +2 circumstance bonus to any magical research (Max +6) – does not take up downtime

Use 1 influence and 1 whole day make 3 rolls with +5 bonus

Give a 1 off +2 circumstance bonus to use metamagic (Max +6)

Produce enhanced material components to give a single bonus i.e. +1 damage/die (Maximum +3) +5' range (max +20 4 magic capital), +5' area of effect (Max +20') to one spell one time only and must be designated at the time of preparation (even if the caster does not normally prepare spells)

Pay for valuable material components needed to cast higher level spells


Influence can be used to:

Provide a +2 circumstance  bonus to diplomacy checks (Max +6)

Provide a +2 circumstance bonus to Knowledge: Local (Max +6) allows the skill to be used untrained

Spend 1 point of influence and 1 day to make 3 knowledge checks with +5 bonus (Maximum per day)

Prepare for upcoming adventure/endeavor use influence/goods/magic for +2 bonus (max +6)

This bonus can be used for attack rolls against a particular foe, perception rolls to find specific things (i.e. secret doors/traps/hidden paths), disarm trap rolls in a particular area, disguise rolls in a particular area/role – if the PC  can come up with a plausible explanation for a bonus then it can be applied – the bonus will last for the 'session' or 'encounter' whichever seems more applicable

Downtime Rules - Using Magic or Influence

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